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NOTE : The game is available on Android and IOS.

Game's Story :

The kingdom of Gorilla is threatened. The greedy snail has stolen his magical specter that gives him control over all the servants of the kingdom. To regain his sovereignty, fallen king Gorilla will have to fight his servants before the final confrontation against a snail determined. -Game at once adventure platform, fun and educational.
* Features
-Gagne a maximum of bananas and gold coins
-Search and collect letters to find the hidden words that will allow you to access the next level
-Use the power of "scream" to eliminate multiple enemies at the same time
-Affirms formidable bosses every six stages
-Accompany Gorilla in his adventures across the three planets
-Enrich your vocabulary of English
-Test your resolve in the face of increasing difficulty
-Leave yourself into the ruthless world of Gorilla with breathtaking graphics and simplified control.

Some Screenshots :

Some screenshots of the game !

The Gameplay !